A picture of Dalano Banton to highlight if he will make the team during the Toronto Raptors training camp.

Dalano Banton – Toronto Raptors Training Camp

Will Dalano Banton make the Toronto Raptors’ roster after training camp? That is the million dollar question but not only for him but for a few players. For the next month or so, we will profile some of the Raptors end of bench players who are vying for a roster spot. We will look at their strengths and weaknesses and the chance for them to make the team. So let’s start off with Dalano Banton.

Dalano Banton – Toronto Raptors Training Camp – His Strengths

His biggest strength has to be his size and length. Just think, he is a six foot nine point guard (in shoes) with an almost seven foot wingspan who plays point guard! You cannot teach size. He fits the Raptors’ profile of a six foot nine versatile player who can potentially guard multiple positions. But to have this length at point guard? This would be unique for sure! Because of his length and size, defenses will have a hard time double teaming him. He can also see over their defense and make the correct pass. And his wingspan can cover passing lanes to disrupt passes. His size is a definite strength!

He also plays fast. Yes, Banton can make a rebound and then speed up the court in transition. It puts defenses on their heels and it opens up easy scoring opportunities for the Raptors. His speed helps him get to the basket for easy lay ups. This is especially true if he has a bigger defender on him. He can also make the quick pass in transition, which creates fast break opportunities for his team. Yes, the Raptors play faster when he is on the court which is what they want to do!

Dalano Banton – Toronto Raptors Training Camp – His Weaknesses

Banton’s biggest weakness is shooting. This was quite evident this past season. Once teams realized that Banton wanted to drive to the basket, they sagged off him and dared him to shoot. Once teams did that, Banton was ineffective. As a result, his playing time diminished and he even played a bit in the G league. His three point shooting percentage was only 25.5 percent, which is pretty low.

Another weakness he has is his decision making. This is evident especially when the Raptors are playing in the half court. It seems he tries to play too fast and ends up turning the ball over. We saw this in summer league where he made almost 5 turnovers per game.

Will these weaknesses hinder him in training camp? Will he make the team?

Will Banton Make the Raptors Final Roster?

Yes! Even though he is on a partially guaranteed contract, Dalano Banton will make the Raptors. I would be shocked if he did not. He has so much potential as a playmaker, and he has so much room to grow. He has already made strides in his shooting. For example in the G league last year, he shot 39.3 percent from three. Also in this past summer league, he shot 46.2 percent from three. He is improving his shooting! Also, once the game slows down for him, the turnovers will drop. Finally, if he puts on a few more pounds, he will be able to absorb contact as he attacks the paint.

Dalano Banton is working hard to improve his game. He is currently at the Rico Hines runs with most of the Raptors working on his game. Even Rico Hines commented on Dalano’s skills. This is a good thing as Rico Hines is now an assistant coach with the Raptors. Once Banton puts it all together, he is going to be an incredible player. Yes, he will be the steal of last year’s draft! For Banton, his Raptors’ future looks bright. Expect to see him with the big club on opening night!

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