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Dennis Schroder – What Does He Bring to the Toronto Raptors?

What does Dennis Schroder bring to the Toronto Raptors? It is a question that many Raptor fans have been asking themselves all summer long. With his spectacular play at the World Cup, some fans are hoping that they got a steal in free agency. However, there are many who feel that he will only be a role player. Yes, these fans feel that he could never fill the void that Fred Van Fleet left. Is that true and what will the Raptors get from him?

Dennis Schroder Brings Speed and Lots of it

There is an old saying that speed kills. And it is definitely true in the NBA. Speed was something the Raptors have lacked for a long time. It has affected them on offense and defense. The result is that the team’s half court offense is inefficient as there is no guard quick enough to break their man down. On defense, quicker guards can get by our guards and collapse the defense creating open shots. Enter Dennis Schroder.

He can break down most defenders with his speed and get into the interior of any defense. The result is that the team will have to collapse their defense or let him go to the basket. If they collapse on him, he can make a pass to an open shooter for a clean shot. If they allow him to go to the basket, Schroder is quick enough to get by their big man defending the basket and score at the rim. How does this help the Raptors?

Raptors Get Better on Offense and Defense

In the half court offense, his speed helps the raptors break down the opposing teams’ defense. So instead of the Raptors being stuck on the perimeter shoot shots, they can get the defense moving with Schroder’s penetration and passing. You add in Scottie Barnes and Jakob Poeltl’s passing, the ball should be humming to one side to the other. It could look really good!

On defense, Schroder can stay in front of the majority of guards in the NBA. As a result, we should not have any more nightmares of Tyrese Maxey blowing by Fred Van Fleet like he did a couple of years ago in the playoffs. This should help the Raptors to have a strong defense as they have good defenders who have size and wingspan. Also, Schroder is not a tiny guard as he is six foot three and have a good wingspan. The Raptors’ should be very good this year.


I personally cannot wait to see Dennis Schroder play. I like that he plays hard on both ends of the court. Also, he is not afraid of the big moment and is willing to take and make a big shot. His three point shooting looked pretty good at the World Cup too. Also, he loves coach Darko so will probably be more inclined to follow what he wants him to do. I think he will surprise many this year with his play. And if no trades happen, I think this team makes the playoffs which will be a major win for the organization and new coach. I can’t wait to see!

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