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Raptors 2023 Summer League – What Have We Learned?

The Toronto Raptors 2023 summer league is now over. The team finished with one win and four losses. What have we learned about the Raptors prospects?

Raptors 2023 Summer League – What Have We Learned?

1. Gradey Dick Will Be Able to Contribute This Season. The Raptors’ lottery pick improved with each game and showed his potential. He scored over 20 points in his last two games and showed his shooting touch. However, it was the little things that really stood out. For example, he plays very hard on both ends of the basketball court. He is fighting for rebounds, diving for loose balls, and trying to keep defenders in front of him. Also, he is trying to make the right play and not focus on his scoring. He was passing to the open man. Also, he was moving without the ball. This opened up the court and created opportunities for others. Finally, he did not try to force his game but let the game come to him. This will serve him well as he will be able to fit right into the team’s rotation this year.

2.End of the Road for Joe Wieskamp. Joe Wieskamp was waived by the Toronto Raptors today. It is really no surprise as he was going to have a tough time to make the team. When the Raptors drafted Gradey Dick, his days on the team were numbered. His last game in summer league was great as he scored 27 points on 8 for 11 shooting. However, the reality is that Gradey Dick does the same things he does and might do it a bit better. Also, Gradey is 19 years old and Joe is 23 years old. It is too bad but hopefully, he will find another team to play for.

3.Are the Raptors Trading Pascal Siakam? Who knows? I don’t think the team even knows. Summer league is over and the rumors persist. However, Pascal Siakam is still a Toronto Raptor. It still looks like the front office is undecided on the direction of the team. Do they trade him and focus on development? Or do they try to compete and develop at the same time? They tried this last season and it did not work. Will they try again?


Summer league did little to clear up the confusion surrounding the team. Unfortunately, this has been the case for the last season or so. It is a big guessing game if Pascal Siakam will be traded or not. It seems that the front office is fine with this. However, sooner or later they will have to decide. Will they? Time will tell.

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