Picture of Koloko in summer league to highlight Raptors news of signing Christian Koloko to a multiyear contract..

Raptors News – Christian Koloko Signed to Multi Year Contract

In latest Toronto Raptors news, they have signed their second round draft pick Christian Koloko to a multi year contract. According to Blake Murphy of Sportsnet, he has signed for a three year deal. The terms of the deal are that he receives $1.5 million in the first year and then the minimum salary in next two years. For the Raptors, it is a team friendly deal that gives them flexibility when they have to resign other players in the next couple years. For Koloko, it’s a guaranteed NBA contract next three years and pretty much insures that he will be a Toronto Raptor for the foreseeable future.

Raptors News – Christian Koloko Signed – Why Did It Take So Long?

Signing Koloko was never in doubt. However, they Raptors wanted salary flexibility in case they made a major trade (ahem Kevin Durant). If a trade did happen, they would have signed him afterwards. With his signing, perhaps a major trade in not in the cards. However, the Raptors have a lot of players signed and there are not enough roster spots for them all. There is might be a trade or two coming for the Raptors. We shall see!

Conclusion – Will Koloko Live Up to his Contract?

Honestly, he already has! Just think? They just signed a mobile seven foot one mobile center who plays defense and has the potential of having an offensive game in time. In summer league, even though he was raw, Koloko affected the game on the defensive end with his size and positioning. However, you can already see progress from him in the Rico Hines runs as he is still blocking shots, rebounding and defending the rim. However, he has developed an effective pick and roll game with Fred Van Fleet. Yes, they have developed some nice chemistry which bodes well for this year. Also, many of his teams at the Rico Hines runs are using him as a lob threat which is also very potent. He looks like he has a real shot in being in the rotation this year. If he is, then the Raptors have found another gem at pennies on the dollar, NBA speaking of course!

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