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Raptors Sign Gabe Brown to a Contract

The Toronto Raptors sign undrafted free agent Gabe Brown to a contract. With his signing, the Raptors have the maximum amount of players that can be signed for training camp. As Blake Murphy of Sportsnet tweeted yesterday, it is a non guaranteed exhibit 10 deal. This means that he could technically make the team on a minimum deal if he really impresses. However, if he doesn’t make the team, the Raptors have his G league rights and he can get a $50000.00 bonus if he plays with the Raptors 905. So why did the Raptors sign him and what are the pros and cons to his game?

Raptors Sign Gabe Brown to a Contract – Pros

Here are Gabe Brown’s college stats at Michigan State below:

From espn.com

When you look at his stats above, the first thing that jumps out at you is his shooting. For his college career, he shot almost 38% from three and his free frow percentage as almost 90%. Very impressive! When I watched a bunch of his highlights, he can shoot from anywhere beyond the three point line. He is a good catch and shoot three point shooter. Also, he can take step backs or do a couple of dribbles to create space to get his shot off. His shooting definitely creates space on the floor. A good shooter and floor spacer is something that the Raptors definitely need.

Also, another attribute he has is size and wingspan. He has a seven foot wingspan and is about six foot seven or eight in height. His wingspan helps him steal and deflect passes. Also, he length helps him to block the occasional shot. His measurables definitely fit the type of player that the Raptors like to have. Also, he shows some potential in being able to defend at the NBA level.

Raptors Sign Gabe Brown to a Contract – Cons

The one thing I noticed in watching his highlights was that he really cannot create a shot for himself. Also, he can dribble a little bit but he does not have a tight handle. As a result, he needs others to draw a double teams or create space for him to knock down his shot. He is good in transition and takes it aggressively to the rim. But if you need him to create something late in the shot clock then you might be in trouble.

Brown also tends to disappear a bit for stretches of a game. If he is not shooting, he doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot else out there. From the stats above, he is not a great rebounder and he rarely passes. However, from his highlights, he seems that he has the potential to do more in these two areas.


I think for the Raptors, they get an opportunity to put a player in their development system that might turn out to be a pretty good 3 and D player. If Brown can maintain his good shooting and can play adequate defense, he will find his way on an NBA roster. However, I think the Raptors might potentially see more in him and if he can develop other parts of his game such as passing, dribbling and rebounding, he might find himself on the Raptors’ roster in the next year or so. For the Raptors, it is a low risk move with the potential to pay out well. It will be interesting to follow his development!

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