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Toronto Raptors 13th Pick in the Draft – Not a Bad Thing

The Toronto Raptors ended up with the 13th pick in the upcoming NBA draft a couple of nights ago. Many Raptor fans are disappointed as they wanted a higher draft pick. Many wished the Raptors tried to tank the rest of the year instead of trying to make the playoffs. Many were hoping that the team would be bad enough to increase their odds in getting the number one pick and a chance to draft generational talant Victor Wembanyama.

However, the Raptors would have had to tank greatly to even be in the running and probably was not possible because the Raptors roster was too good. So here the Raptors are having the 13th pick in this years’ draft. And this might not be a bad thing at all. Here are the reasons why.

Toronto Raptors 13th Pick, Not a Bad Thing

The first reason is that after the first couple picks, the players from about 4th pick to the mid draft are all similar in skill level. So if that Raptors’ got rid of a lot of players and tanked and ended up with say the fourth or fifth pick. The talent level of that player would not be much more than the talent level of a player at the 13th pick. So the Raptors, are getting a similar player, without having to tank. So the Raptors will be getting a pretty good player at 13.

The second and more important reason is that you now have a definitive direction in moving forward. And that is that the team will build around Scottie Barnes. If by the slight chance you got a top three pick, then you have to wait and see on who would you build the team around. Is it that top pick or Scottie Barnes. This could put the retooling process for the team behind another year or so because you would still have to see which player you build around. With the 13th pick, there is no debate. You are building around Scottie and you now can draft a player that can compliment Scottie’s game. Yes, with the 13th pick, the retooling process starts now and that is a good thing for team direction.


There is a lot of talent in the draft and the Raptors good spot to select a good player at their draft spot. However, they have options such as move up to get a player that they really want or trade down to collect more assets. But whatever direction they go in, they know that the decisions they make will now center around Scottie Barnes. They have a direction now and now they can start retooling. It is going to be a very interesting off season!

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