Brooks taking a foul shot in summer league to highlight that the Toronto Raptors waive Armoni Brooks.

Toronto Raptors Waive Armoni Brooks

The Toronto Raptors waive guard Armoni Brooks as reported by TSN’s Josh Lewenberg and Sportsnet’s Blake Murphy. If Brooks was still on the Raptors’ roster after August 1st, he would have been guaranteed $250000.00. Also, there is now an available training camp roster spot. Why did the Raptors waive Armoni Brooks?

Toronto Raptors Waive Armoni Brooks – Dowtin Took his Spot

Armoni Brooks was a long shot to make the team this year. With Malachi Flynn under contract this year and with a team option for next year, the Raptors want to get a long hard look at his play this year. Also, Delano Banton has shown improvement in his game and the team likes his upside. However, these players are not the reason why Brooks was waived. No, it was because Jeff Dowtin outplayed him in summer league and ended up with the second two way roster spot. If Armoni outplayed him instead, he might have received the two way contract. Instead, Dowtin showed that he can run a team in the half court, not turn the ball over to go along with his good shooting. He showed more diversity in his game than Brooks did. As a result, Brooks is not on the roster.

Toronto Raptors Waive Armoni Brooks – Opens Up a Roster Spot for Training Camp

With Brooks now waived, the Raptors’ roster for training camp stands at 19 players. You can have a maximum of 20 players for training camp. Perhaps there is a player that the Raptors’ might want to bring in to have a look. Who knows? But with an open roster spot, they have the option to do so.


Armoni Brooks would have had a tough time to make the Raptors’ roster this year and Dowtin’s two way contract pretty much sealed his fate. He needed to outplay him in summer league. He did shoot the ball well in some games in summer league but was too streaky. Also, he did not show that he could run a team as a back point guard. Unfortunately, for him Dowtin did. However, he has still an opportunity to sign with another team on a training camp deal as training camp does not start until September. Hopefully, it works out for him but he is no longer a Raptor.

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