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NBA Trade Deadline is Approaching, What will the Toronto Raptors do?

The NBA trade deadline is approaching fast. With the deadline date of February 9, 2023, teams have less than a month to decide if they will trade any of their players. The Toronto Raptors have had a disappointing season so far. With last night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks, they are now five games below 500. They are currently in 11th place in the east. It is apparent that this core is not good enough and changes will be needed to be made at some point. Does that include making moves at the deadline?

NBA Trade Deadline is Approaching – The Raptors Will Make a Trade or a Few

The Raptors have some big decisions to make. They realize that their core as currently constructed is not good enough to compete with the best in the east. Also, two of their starters can opt of their current contract and become free agents this summer. Gary Trent Jr. will almost certainly opt out of his current as he will certainly garner more money in the free agent market. Fred Van Fleet has also indicated that he will opt out and discussions to extend his contract this past summer did not go anywhere. Their might be a small chance he picks up his option due to his lack luster play this year but does not seem likely.

So do the Raptors keep both of these players and hope they can sign both in the summer. If you cannot sign them, you could lose both of them for nothing which is bad asset management. If you sign both of them for significant raises, is you team better? The reality it is not. Also, you have to worry about going into the luxury tax as next year, you have Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby being able to opt out of their current contracts. Is this core worth going into the luxury tax for? It is not.

Finally, Toronto Raptors are flawed in three areas. First they need an adequate big man to rebound and protect the rim. Christian Koloko is a rookie and is not ready yet for that responsibility. Second, you need another point guard and shot creator as there is not many point guards on this team. Finally, you need more shooting, a lot more shooting! You have to look no further than last night’s loss to the Hawks. The Raptors got down by 20 go 3 in the first quarter and it was mostly due to the Raptors missing open shots. This has been a trend all year.


Something will happen within the next month because the current construction of the Toronto Raptors is not sustainable. So changes will be made but how much? That’s the interesting question, because they can tweak things and get a player or two to see if they can turn things around. Or they can tear it all down and trade most of the current core for picks and young prospects and tank the season to get a high draft pick in the upcoming draft. Whatever management decides, they will be some sort of change at this year’s deadline. I would be shocked if nothing happened. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks in Raptor land!

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