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NBA Draft Grade Toronto Raptors

My NBA draft grade for the Toronto Raptors is a B+! I thought the Raptors drafted well with Gradey Dick at number 13. The six foot eight freshmen from Kansas was touted as one of the best shooters in the draft. He was projected to be selected higher in the draft but fell to the Toronto Raptors. He is not a great defender and is not as athletic as some of the players in the draft. So why did the Raptors select him? And why did I give it such a high mark?

NBA Draft Grade Toronto Raptors

There are two reasons why I like this draft pick. The first reason is that the Raptors need shooting. The Toronto Raptors are one of the worst shooting teams in the league. Gradey Dick immediately becomes the best shooter on the team. His shooting will help space the floor and make it easier for players like Scottie Barnes, Pascal Siakam and Jakob Poeltl to operate. His shooting will help improve the halfcourt offense as teams can no longer sag in the painted area and dare the team to shoot.

The second reason why I like this pick is that it shows they are building around Scottie Barnes. Gradey Dick is the perfect compliment to Scottie’s game. He likes to move without the ball and cut to the open space on the court. Scottie Barnes thrives in passing to the open man or open space. Both of them have high basketball IQ and if they can have chemistry on the court, they could be quite a combination.


If Scottie Barnes is the cornerstone of the franchise, then you need to start building around him. The pick of Gradey Dick signals that. Also, it is always good to draft a player that has one elite skill. Gradey definitely does, as his shooting is elite! And this skill should carryover in the NBA. This pick is the best of both worlds. First it provides an immediate team need. And second, it is a building block for the future. And that is why I give this a B+!

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